The company’s management and employees follow the following principles:

  • best in the industry in terms of cost of services and speed of cargo handling;
  • the exceptional quality of work;
  • be ready to adapt to the Customers ‘ requests;
  • construction and development of infrastructure for increasing transshipment volumes and changing cargo;
  • servicing vessels with a draft of up to 8.4 meters.

In exchange for a high salary, always paid on time, the EMPLOYEE is required not only to comply with the rules and “stay” at work.

We need suggestions to improve our work, reduce costs, and welcome non-standard solutions and perseverance.

This does not mean that regulations should not be strictly observed.

It is necessary to be guided not by General formal requirements, but to look and help, even if this is not part of the employee’s job responsibilities.

In turn, the company’s management pays attention to the following issues when hiring and working with employees:

  • why are we interesting to the employee;
  • comfortable working conditions must be created (work schedule, working conditions);
  • creating conditions for independent decisions by employees;
  • employees should be proud of the fact that they work in the company;
  • conditions are created for the competition, including based on bonuses and other informal award options.

The success of STTT, port Kavkaz depends on our ability to meet commitment on cost, schedule and production without risk to our people or the environment.

Our culture determines how we work with our clients, partners, and colleagues.

This culture truly differentiates us.

We invite you to be part of building future success with SSTT, port Kavkaz.

Together, we will build a bright future.