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About South Sea Trade Terminal, port Kavkaz

The export of products from Russia is important for the growth of the Russian economy and the welfare of citizens, infrastructure development.

More than $ 30 million has been invested in infrastructure to ensure efficient and safe cargo handling.

Creating a new infrastructure that uses modern and efficient equipment guarantees high standards of services with minimal impact on the environment.

Main stages:

1992-2001-construction of new berths, railways, warehouses

2001-2009 – the launch of the facility, shipment of small shipments

2009-2012 – the second reconstruction of the facility to provide quality service to customers, obtaining permits for the operation of the Terminal

2013-2018 – transshipment of various bulk cargo, ferry service

2018-04.2020 – third reconstruction of the infrastructure to create covered warehouse for storage 70 000 tons of fertilizers, 2 wagon dumpers

A bright future for us is not only the economy; it also has a positive impact on the people we work with, as well as on the environment.

What means SSTT, port Kavkaz to Russia?

– creation of more than 100 high-paying jobs

– contribution to the development of the Russian economy

– investments in infrastructure without the participation of the state and state banks

SSTT, port Kavkaz business principles

– Focus on customers’ needs

– Changing together with our customer’s demands, through long-term partnerships

– Attention to the environment and safety

SSTT, port Kavkaz uses the most advanced and modern equipment with the capacity to handle any kind of dry bulk cargo in the most efficient and fastest way possible, whilst always respecting the environment and safety.

We offer our customers the possibility of long-term co-operation or partnerships enabling the development of tailor-made and fully specialized Terminal.

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