The main conditions:

  • 150 wagons per day;
  • loading rate at berths – 3,000 tons/24 hours
  • loading rate on the roadstead – 5,000 tons/hours
  • the front allows you to take routes of 74 cars at a time
  • free storage for 30 days
  • unloading and cleaning of wagons within 96 hours from the moment of their arrival at the Kavkaz station
  • conditions for vessels: ballast – up to 6 hours; initial draft survey – 1 hour; intermediate draft survey (if necessary) — 1 hour; final draft survey – 1.5 hours; loading by 2 cranes and/or conveyors;
  • magnetic cargo cleaning (upon request);
  • defrosting of cargo (when it freezes in the car) with the use of a 680 kW defroster;
  • closing of customs transit of cargo;
  • we work with cargo in the “Export-31” mode

The cost of cargo transhipment includes:

  • Reception of railcars, supply of railcars from tracks of the railway station to the Contractor’s railway and shunting on spur tracks;
  • Unloading of cargo from railcars;
  • Clearance of railway documents;
  • Cleaning of railcars from cargo residues both inside and outside;
  • Cleaning of cargo reloading territory;
  • Removal of liners/tents from the railcars and their further disposal;
  • Registration of any shortage, excess or damage of cargo during its transportation;
  • Warehousing and accumulation, storage of cargo;
  • Removal of empty railcars from spur tracks to the dead-end tracks of the Port station;
  • Intra-port cargo movement;
  • Delivery of empty railcars from the Contractor’s railway to the railway station of JSC Russian Railways;
  • Mixing of the cargo during loading of vessels;
  • Arrangement and storage of cargo in open warehouses without any mixing with cargos of other customers;
  • Providing of open storage areas;
  • Cargo delivery from the unloading area to the warehouse;
  • Agreement on vessel call and receiving of vessels;
  • Delivery of cargo from warehouses to a vessel;
  • Loading of the cargo on a vessel at the berth;

In case of loading cargo on the Customer’s vessel at the anchorage of the port Kavkaz:

  • delivery of cargo by the Contractor’s vessels to the anchorage of the port Kavkaz;
  • transhipment of cargo from the Contractor’s vessel to the Customer’s vessel;
  • storage of cargo on the Contractor’s vessels/transhipment vessel at sea;
  • forwarding at the berth of Kavkaz and at the anchorage of the port Kavkaz (in case of loading of Customer’s vessels at anchorage) including the execution of customs permission for cargo loading to a vessel, execution of customs documents for cargo, obtaining of permits and other necessary procedures, execution of shipping and of other documents requested by the Customer (the costs of registration and issuance of the declaration, certificates of transport characteristics for the cargo, certificates of origin for additional payment);
  • closing of the customs transit of cargo, except for the cases of registration of 1 transit declaration for 1 railway car.