South Sea Trade Terminal is situated in Port Kavkaz (Krasnodar Territory) and consists of four berths with total length 429 meters (№ 24 — 150 m, № 25 — 159 m, № 26 — 70 m and № 23 — 50 m) and breakwater (120 м). The whole port territory is 570 000 m2.

The presence of private railways (2.8 km), indoor (8 000 tons) and outdoor warehouses (200 000 tons) for cargo storage, sufficient area for the construction of new specialized transshipment complexes open up broad prospects for transshipment of various cargoes.

The South sea trade terminal accepts vessels with draft up to 3.6 m, carrying up to 5 200 tonnes. When the dredging is done we will be able to accept vessels with draft up to 8.4 m (15 000 t).

The unique complex location (the south part of the Kerch channel) makes possible to carry out year-round navigation and minimize expenses for passing Kerch channel. In addition our complex is situated near-by inshore anchorages for carrying out of transshipment from ship to ship with a load capacity up to 100 thousand tons.

The berth is equipped with fire-extinguishing equipment as it necessary while dealings with dangerous cargoes. We ship different cargoes, such as coal, sulphur, scrap metal, fertilizers and other bulk and general cargoes.

Rates of loading/discharge of bulk cargoes – 5 thousand tons per day. Maximum quantity of handled vessels (carrying capacity up to 5 200 tons) is up to 40 units per month, that accounts up to 200 000 tons.

We can unload all types of rail cars and accept up to 180 000 tons cargoes by railway per month.

Unloading of railcars can be carried out in covered conditions.

We are waiting for you in our terminal, we will provide infrastructure corresponding to your individual requirements.

representative of shareholders Evgueny Zelenskiy

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